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Getting HTML Right - Even Unbelievers Can Do It! Guaranteed!

The purpose of this article is to convert the unbelievers because they are missing out, so read on. Are you someone who'd like to program their own webpage but think that HTML will be too difficult? Do you think that that sort of stuff is only for University Graduates? Well, you are wrong, incorrect, being silly! If you can read and write English and be reasonably organized then HTML is NOT a problem for you. I promise. Look you want a webpage to talk about your hobby, let's say fishing, so you decide to do it and, with a pencil and piece of paper, you design .......

1. At the top I want my name in large red letters
2. Immediately after that I want that great photo of me fishing in Nebraska
3. Then a list of the places I've visited to fish in the last 2 years with the results, catches and weights
4. Then a heading, something like - My Tackle
5. A photo of my rods, etc
6. A list of the equipment; makes, models, etc.
7. Another heading - My Secret Bait Formulas
8. Then the recipes I use for bait - noting which has caught the most.
9. To close up an invitation for other fisherfolk to get in touch to talk fishing and maybe get together followed by my email address.

The length of time it takes you to write it, is how long you need, anyone, needs to sketch out their page. And, once you've done some HTML work, got a bit of experience - and believe me not much time is needed - the fisherman's page will take about as much time to program and test as it took to 'design' it! I guarantee it! Personally!

I've six articles going at the moment, Getting HTML Right is the main part of the titles. Look 'em up and discover that you can do it, I guarantee it! Personally!

For much more information visit The HTML Book. Opens in a new page.

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